4 Crazy Draftees in the Army (1974)

4 marmittoni alle grandi manovre

This film is a pretty crazy film. An interesting glance into Italian humor as they poke fun of themselves. Centered around the training of draftees leading up to the NATO war games, our four ... uh... heroes... survive the training in their own manner and go on to great victory over the Germans, Americans, French, and British. Truly a great victory, albeit an unorthodox one, for the Italian army.

This film is not quite so cheesy as Crazy Navy, but it is pretty close. The dubbing keeps the innuendos intact, which is a feat considering how dubbing these films are usually miss and not even close to a hit. If you enjoy corny, slapstick, and goofy humor... this is your film!

Director: Marino Girolami


SerafinoGianfranco D'Angelo

Nino MioniSergio Leonardi

Edoardo De CarolisRaf Luca

Rosario Lo CascioAngelo Pellegrino

AnnaLisa Leonardi

MarcellaIsabella Savona