A Train For Durango (1968)

Un treno per Durango

Un tren para Durango

Mario Caiano directs this classic Spaghetti Western starring Anthony Steffen, Mark Damon, and Dominique Boschero. If you have never seen this classic, make sure to remedy that quick!

A Gringo and a bandito have an uneasy working relationship. Whether they work together or separate, they each have the same goal: get rich and don't die in the process. A French reporter named Helen [Dominique Boschero] adds some sizzle in this tale as the two stumble into possession of keys to a safe full of gold. Can they save the girl, grab the gold from the bandits who stole it, and get out of the country before the chaotic conditions around them explode? They get some assistance from a mysterious ally, but what is his angle?

Director: Mario Caiano


GringoAnthony Steffen

BrownMark Damon

LucasEnrico Maria Salerno

HelenDominique Boschero