Crazy Navy (1982)

Il sommergibile più pazzo del mondo

When a submarine sale goes bad, the US Navy makes the Italian Navy a deal... find the sub and you get it for free, if you can't find it... you buy it. The Italian's accept the challenge and assemble their finest for this challenge of not only their pride but also their pocketbook. What would seem to be a fair fight begins poorly as the computer tasked with assembling the finest settles on random names so it can spend some quality time with the new machine 'lady' in the lab.

Among the selected crew is a man who wants to avoid the draft, so his fiancee (Anna Maria Rizzoli) takes his place. The crew assumes she is a he, but that does not remove all attractions and consequences. Very corny humor and slapstick style comedy.

Director: Mariano Laurenti


AngelaAnna Maria Rizzoli

Il PostinoBombolo

Il LadroEnzo Cannavale

Giorgio MaremmaGiorgio Ariani