Dynamite Jim (1966)

Dinamite Jim

Dinamita Jim

During the Civil War, the North needs money desperately. The largest value usually comes with the highest risk though, and the North gambles with a Mexican banker. The North makes their plans to have the gold arrive safely while the banker makes his plans to steal it in transit. Some Mexican rebels eaves drop and decide they will try to sneak it away from both of the parties.

The wildcard ends up being a card shark and ladies man named "Dynamite" Jim Farrell [Luis Davila]. As he quickly leaves town due to some husbands not taking kindly to their wives extra marital activities, he hops a horse that belongs to the North's operative. The ensuing mistaken identity lands Jim in the middle of the conflict. Up against three groups eager to get the largest gold shipment in the country, does this gambler have any more tricks up his sleeves?

Director: Alfonso Balcázar


Jim FarrellLuis Dávila

Pablo ReyesFernando Sancho

MargaretRosalba Neri

SlateAldo Sambrell