Electra One (1967)

With Death on Your Back

Con la muerte a la espalda

A cunning, elusive thief proves to be too much for the world powers in the 1960's. Gary gets interrupted on a jewel heist as three world powers' representatives examine a chemical that means life or death, chaos or peace. Gary sees there is something valuable, even if he doesn't know what it is yet. He kidnaps (and sort of saves) the recently deceased doctor's assistant and the case she is clinging to for the safety of the world. With agents of Electra One hot on their trail and with US and Russia trying desperately to get the formula for themselves... the two are in for one wild chase.

This film has several decent car chases. Some nice double-crosses and clever moves by our savior the thief... well worth a watch!

Director: Alfonso Balcázar


GaryGeorge Martin

MonicaVivi Bach

ElectraDaniele Vargas

SilvanaRosalba Neri