Agent 077 - Fury in the Orient (1965)

Agente 077 dall'oriente con furore

From the Orient with Fury

Ken Clark is back in his second outing as Dick Malloy, Agent 077. The action blazes from Paris to Istanbul to St. Tropez as Malloy pursues the nefarious Goldwyn (Franco Ressell), who's stolen an ultra-powerful disintegration ray and has put it up for auction to the highest criminal bidder. Whereas Mission Bloody Mary flaunted a hard-edged tone and a plot more or less grounded in reality, the second 077 adventure has its tongue firmly in cheek and its scenario comfortably rooted in fantasy, although the filmmakers take care not to deviate from the basic template of girls, gadgets and gunplay. This one?s got beautiful babes in black negligees and bad guys in black leather coats. It?s got a super-cool jazzy soundtrack, pimped-out KGB agents, Turkish secret police, and a big dose of patented Dick Malloy mayhem. What more could you ask for?

Director: Sergio Grieco


Dick MalloyKen Clark

Evelyn StoneMargaret Lee

Simone DegasFabienne Dali

Romy KurtzEvi Marandi

HestonPhilippe Hersent

Dolores LopezMikaela

Restaurant GuestFernando Sancho

Professor KurtzEnnio Balbo

GoldwynFranco Ressel