Hector the Mighty (1972)

Ettore lo fusto

El rapto de Elena

A creative take of the Greek myth of Helen of Troy. An Edmondo Amati film directed by Enzo G. Castellari. Enzo G. Castellari also wrote this unique take on the classic story (with writing contributions from Lucio Fulci and the ever prolific Sandro Continenza and Leonardo Martin).

The Troika (this version of the city of Troy) is a very well established, high grossing gentleman's retreat. Horny Hector [Phillipe Leroy] operates the establishment to exacting results. However, the property lies on a key plot of land that the Cardinal Jove [Vittorio De Seca] owns and plans on using for another purpose. Hector refuses to let his lease expire with the threat of exposing the church to some scandals, as he has photographic proof of licentious priests dastardly deeds. How to handle this delicate issue is of great concern for Jove, but his clever aide Duke Mercury [Luciano Salce] has a plan that will not only effectively evict the proprietor of the Troika but also make a tidy profit in the process. Therein comes The Two Kings' establishment. While not as profitable or "classy" as the Troika, they have an asset that Horny Hector can be forced into procuring... arousing wrath and reprisal. It is surprising how effective they transition the well known story into a new but familiar modern take. For an Italian production in the early 70's, it is interesting to see the low opinion placed on the church.

Director: Enzo G. Castellari


MenelausVittorio Caprioli

UlyssesGiancarlo Giannini

Hector the MightyPhilippe Leroy

HelenRosanna Schiaffino

JoveVittorio De Sica

AchillesMichael Forest

PatrocloGiancarlo Prete