Agent 077 - Mission Bloody Mary (1965)

Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary

La muerta espera en Atenas

The film that introduced the world to Dick Malloy, Agent 077, Mission Bloody Mary is an intoxicating espionage cocktail of gratuitous violence and rampant hedonism served up in the Technicolor playgrounds of Paris, Madrid and Athens. The film stars cult icon Ken Clark, a suave and tough SOB who could wear a tuxedo with style while putting a super-villain?s henchman on the wrong end of a smackdown. In his first adventure Malloy is pitted against the Black Lily, a master criminal who plans to sell a stolen American nuclear warhead to Communist China. Malloy must also contend with assorted Black Lily goons, tricky Russian agents and duplicitous females. The plethora of double crosses and false identities may leave first-time viewers a bit confused, but narrative linearity was never one of the defining hallmarks of the euro-spy genre. Nonstop action, swinging music and hyper-erotic women are the only ingredients that really matter, and Mission Bloody Mary has them all in glorious excess.

Director: Sergio Grieco


Dick MalloyKen Clark

Dr. Elsa FreemanHelga Liné

HestonPhilippe Hersent


Professor BetzUberto Raho