Our Man in Jamaica (1965)

A 001, operazione Giamaica

001 destination Jamaïque

001, operación Caribe

Ken's [Larry Pennell] assignment is to figure out where all these guns are being smuggled from in Jamaica. He is picking up where an old friend mysteriously left off. While figuring out what happened to his friend, he has to push through the barriers blocking him from breaking open the case. Between gadgets he doesn't trust, women he probably shouldn't trust, allies he can't rely on and all the rum in Jamaica tempting him... he has the odds stacked against him.

Directors: Ernst R. von Theumer, Mel Welles


Ken StewartLarry Pennell

Roberto Camardiel

GloriaBarbara Valentin

Signora CervantesLinda Sini

LanaMargitta Scherr