Special Cop in Action (1976)

Italia a mano armata

This is the third, and final installment, in the story of Commisario Betti [Maurizio Merli]. As he tries to get the best of the crime lord Albertelli [John Saxon], he puts his life and health at stake. He has to solve a series of bank robberies and the kidnapping of several school children. While trying to pin something on Albertelli so he can take him off the street once and for all.

This film has great music. It is a very action packed, realistic crime drama. Effects are realistic and well acted out. The bad guys don't pull any punches, it is not a soft movie. The whole trilogy is great by the way.

Director: Marino Girolami


Commissario BettiMaurizio Merli

Commissario ArpinoRaymond Pellegrin

AlbertelliJohn Saxon