Special Mission Lady Chaplin (1966)

Missione speciale Lady Chaplin

Operación Lady Chaplin

Ken Clark returns in the third and final chapter of the Dick Malloy euro-spy trilogy. But just who is Lady Chaplin? A high-fashion designer? A peace-loving nun? An eminent scientist? Nope. She?s the most dynamic femme fatale in the espionage game. Played by Daniela Bianchi (just three years after co-starring in From Russia With Love), Lady Chaplin is a freelance adventuress who carries out assassinations with a dart-shooting wheelchair, plays Malloy and super-villain Kobre Zoltan against each other, and takes part in the frenzied finale as a sky-diving, machine-gunning angel of death. Zoltan is no slouch either. Played by Jacques Bergerac, he's the most compelling bad guy in the Malloy series?color him urbane, rapacious and cruel. Zoltan has discriminating taste in wine and women, wears sunglasses indoors, and unwinds by matching his scorpion against other scorpions in high-stakes death matches. Forget Blofeld's cat. No diabolical mastermind ever had a cooler pet. Oh, and he's stolen 16 Polaris missiles and is threatening to start World War III. The third and arguably best of the Dick Malloy films, Special Mission Lady Chaplin outdoes its predecessors in style, action and attitude to deliver one of the most mindlessly enjoyable spy romps of the sixties.

Directors: Alberto de Martino, Sergio Grieco


Dick MalloyKen Clark

Lady Arabella ChaplinDaniela Bianchi

HildeHelga Liné

Kobre ZoltanJacques Bergerac

JacquelineMabel Karr

HestonPhilippe Hersent

ConstanceIda Galli