The Counselor (1973)

Il consigliori

Counselor at Crime

Thomas (Tomas Milian) is fresh out of prison. His godfather, Don Antonio (Martin Balsam), is grateful for his freedom, but expects him to resume his activities for "the family." As the boss of the family, Don Antonio reluctantly allows Thomas to go straight. As this is a sign of weakness, the family becomes divided and Vincent Garofalo (Francisco Rabal) seizes the opportunity and tries to start his own family.

With the family in the midst of a bloody civil war, Thomas has a tough decision to make and his godfather has a difficult, long road ahead as he fights to regain complete control of San Francisco.

Director: Alberto de Martino


Don AntonioMartin Balsam

Thomas AccardoTomas Milian

Vincent GarofaloFrancisco Rabal