The Fuller Report (1968)

Rapporto Fuller, base Stoccolma

Dick Worth [Ken Clark] is an American race car driver. His success on the track earns him (or punishes him) with a trip to Stockholm for an exhibition race as his employer seeks to lure European capitalists. Dick just wants to find a girl with whom he can enjoy some of his free time. His choice turns into a poor one. He is dragged into an international conspiracy. Dick is just a regular guy on a working holiday and now a few government agencies are either trying to kill him or use him to achieve their agenda. His love of country and his increasing affection for the innocent Svetlana [Beba Loncar] keep him in harms way as he attempts to learn the truth of the Fuller Report.

Director: Sergio Grieco


Dick WorthKen Clark

Svetlana GolyadkinBeba Loncar

PearsonLincoln Tate

Eddy BennetJess Hahn

MaxPaolo Gozlino