The Insatiables (1969)

Femmine insaziabili

Power corrupts. That is the lesson we learn from Giulio Lamberti's [Roger Fritz] time working for Chemical.

Paolo [Robert Hoffman] knew Giulio many years ago back in Italy. He comes to LA and is surprised to find his old friend. Giulio teases Paolo with the information that the company he works for wants him dead. Paolo, as the good reporter and friend he is, wishes to help. He doesn't act fast enough though, and Giulio dies in "a car crash". Immediately suspicious, Paolo begins unraveling the mystery surrounding his old friend. What he finds is that Giulio was not the same man he once knew, and that nothing is clear as hidden agendas slowly are discovered.

Also starring Dorothy Malone and John Ireland and taking place almost exclusively in Los Angeles area, this is a very American European film... if that makes any sense.

Director: Alberto de Martino


Vanessa BrightonDorothy Malone

Paolo SartoriRobert Hoffman

Mary SullivanLuciana Paluzzi

Frank DonovanFrank Wolff

Richard SalingerJohn Ireland

Giulio LambertiRoger Fritz

Gloria BrightonRomina Power