The Last Gun (1964)

Jim il primo

Retired gunfighter Jim Hart has a problem. He's traded his violent past for a peaceful, law-abiding existence in a small western town. He's even thrown away his gun and made a vow not to kill again. But when a gang of desperados rides into Sanderson and steals the town's gold, Hart reluctantly picks up his pistol and dons a mask as he helps the sheriff stand up to the bad guys. Cameron Mitchell delivers an intense performance as the conflicted gunman, who struggles with his conscience and the scorn of a girlfriend who thinks he?s a coward. The solid cast of European actors includes Carl M÷hner, Livio Lorenzon, CÚlina CÚly and Kitty Carver.

Director: Sergio Bergonzelli


Bill / Jim HartCameron Mitchell

GuitarCarl Möhner

DoloresCélina Cély

JaneKitty Carver

JessLivio Lorenzon