The Revenge of Ivanhoe (1965)

La rivincita di Ivanhoe

Interesting combination of an Italian film and the fictional tale of the 12th century English character Ivanhoe. This is not a comedy, it is a serious take. It does quite well too. The dubbing into English wasn't bad either!

Wilfred of Ivanhoe [Rik Van Nutter aka Clyde Rogers] finds an old acquaintance bound in lock and chains on the way to the castle of the Hastings. This captured noble is to be tortured by the Hastings in an effort to get his sister, Rowena of Stratford [Glida Lousek] to marry. Ivanhoe's interference forces the Hastings to change their plan. Rowena remains stubbornly devoted to her long missing betrothed... Ivanhoe. The Hastings continued plotting causes Ivanhoe to seek his vengeance and save his fiancee.

Director: Tanio Boccia


IvanhoeRik Van Nutter

Rowena of StratfordGilda Lousek