The Three Musketeers of the West (1973)

Tutti per uno... botte per tutti

Todos para uno, golpes para todos

With a title like The Three Musketeers of the West, it's a safe bet that this is no ordinary spaghetti western. Bruno Corbucci (Shoot, Gringo, Shoot; Cop in Blue Jeans) directs this manic reinterpretation of the famous Alexander Dumas tale, updated?with tongue firmly in cheek?in the old west. Timothy Brent stars as Texas Ranger Dart Junior, who persuades three legendary Rangers out of retirement to help him prevent an illegal gold shipment from reaching Mexico's none-too-benevolent President Ortega. However, when Mac Athos (George Eastman), Aramirez (Leo Anchoriz) and Portland (Chris Huerta) get wind of the gold, they snatch it for themselves and set off a train of outlandish events. Think The Three Stooges meet The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Stunning Swedish beauty Karin Schubert, who began her career in mainstream films before migrating to porn, lends her temperature-raising physical charms as a not-so-innocent doctor.

Director: Bruno Corbucci


Dart JrGiancarlo Prete

Mac AthosGeorge Eastman

Dr. FergussenKarin Schubert

PortlandCris Huerta

AramirezLeo Anchóriz

bankerEduardo Fajardo