Tiffany Memorandum (1967)

Coup de force à Berlin

Il mistero dell'ombra

Dick Hallam [Ken Clark] is a journalist who wants no more than to get a major scoop. He is the only person in this film who is so transparent. The audience can not even be sure the political figure who is assassinated was who they say he was. Belt in for the ride, it will have a lot of twists and turns.

Just as Dick starts to get the story straight, the details change on him. With everyone involved dying or hiding who they are, it makes for one challenging story to get together. From the (awesomely low budget) train crash to the final duel in the TV studio, Dick keeps his cool and rolls with the punches.

Director: Sergio Grieco


Dick HallamKen Clark

Sylvie MeynardIrina Demick

BrookLuigi Vannucchi