Django Shoots First (1966)

Django spara per primo

Yo soy Trinidad

This early spaghetti western was among the first?and best?of the unofficial ‘Django’ sequels that appeared in the wake of the original. Glenn Saxon plays the title character in a film that successfully blends hard-edged action and sardonic humor. The plot turns on Django's quest to avenge his father?s murder and claim the business inheritance that's rightfully his. Lending a helping hand is genre favorite Fernando Sancho in a rare good guy role, while heroine Erika Blanc and wicked seductress Evelyn Stewart vie for his affections. Alberto De Martino maintains a high level of suspense and excitement, especially in the standout opening sequence in which Django shoots the bounty hunter who killed his father, then takes Pop's corpse into town to claim the reward for himself. Intriguing characters, a compelling storyline, and plenty of stylized violence in the best spaghetti western tradition make Django Shoots First can't miss entertainment.

Director: Alberto de Martino


Glenn (Django) GarvinGlenn Saxson

GordonFernando Sancho

Jessica KlusterIda Galli

Ken KlusterNando Gazzolo

LucyErika Blanc

Jeff KlusterGeorge Eastman