Now They Call Him Sacramento (1972)

Los Bandoleros

I bandoleros della dodicesima ora

Renowned character actor Michael Forest, who has appeared in dozens of cult television shows and films since the 1950s (and who's still going strong today), stars in this rollicking spaghetti western comedy. Forest plays Sacramento, an amiable opportunist who teams up with his buddy Jim (Fred Harrison) and Jim's father Tequila (Luigi Bonos) to rob a money shipment before a group of real outlaws can get their hands on it. Crooked bankers, ruthless gunfighters, a colony of discontented women, and Sacramento?s hilarious relationship with his horse are also thrown into the mix, with unpredictable and supremely entertaining results.

Director: Alfonso Balcázar


SacramentoMichael Forest

JimFernando Bilboa

JennyMalisa Longo

SherriffPaolo Gozlino

TequilaLuigi Bonos