The Man From Oklahoma (1965)

Ranch of the Ruthless

Oklahoma John

Il ranch degli spietati

Rick Horn stars in this little known but solidly entertaining western as Oklahoma Dan, a square-jawed, two-fisted type who rides into the troubled town of Rio Rojo to take over from its recently murdered sheriff. He withstands a decidedly unfriendly reception from the outlaws responsible for the vacancy as he sets about bringing them to justice while pitching woo at the town?s resident hottie, played by stunning actress Sabine Bethmann. Directed with a steady hand by J.J. Balcazar, The Man from Oklahoma is an enjoyable, lighthearted romp through the old west.

Director: Jaime Jesús Balcázar


OklahomaRick Horn

Rod EdwardsJosé Calvo

Georgiana WhiteSabine Bethmann

WatsonTom Felleghy

HondoKarl-Otto Alberty